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Performing a push to Shared using panos panorama gives error PanDeviceXapiError: commit-all is missing 'commit-all'

L1 Bithead

Hi All, I'm trying to create a shared address object using panos.panorama. However I'm not able to proceed with pushing the configuration to the firewalls. I could create objects within device groups and push them successfully to the firewalls under the device group, but I haven't been successful with shared yet. Below is my code.


from panos.panorama import Panorama
from panos.objects import AddressObject

if __name__ == "__main__":
    panorama = ""
    username = "USERNAME"
    password = "PASSWORD"

    pano = Panorama(panorama,username, password)
    obj = AddressObject("Sample_Shared_Object", "")

    pano.commit_all(sync=True, sync_all=True)


I'm getting the error on line pano.commit_all(sync=True, sync_all=True)


Exception has occurred: PanDeviceXapiError commit-all is missing 'commit-all' pan.xapi.PanXapiError: commit-all is missing 'commit-all' During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred: File "C:\palo_alto_python_panos_scripts\Address_Objects\", line 47, in <module> pano.commit_all(sync=True, sync_all=True) panos.errors.PanDeviceXapiError: commit-all is missing 'commit-all'


I read about the method panorama.PanoramaCommitAll() where you could define the device groups where it will be pushed. However what I'm trying to do is to push on shared only. Does anyone know a solution to push Shared via panos.panorama? Thanks.

Who Me Too'd this topic