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Bootstrapping in AWS using Terraform - question on content files

L3 Networker

Hi All,

so we have a Panorama, and using terraform to spin up VMs with very basic config using the init cfg (no bootstrap.xml) which auto registers to my Panorama where I have template and device groups defined with the interface, routing and base security policies which sofar seems to be going well.. VM spins up, auto register with Panorama and gets the templates (itn, vr and policy) pushed down etc..


now the next phase is to get content updates installed and have security rules applied using EDL


herein lies my question..

if i download the content files from Palo Support portal it gives me an option to download content type 'Bootstrap files for VM Flex SaaS Subscription' and this file is download as 'panup-ace-xxxxxx-xxx' but not sure what this is for?

any ideas?


alternatively i will just download the AV, apps, wildfire content files and dump them into the s3 bucket under /contents folder.


another question - is there a way to automate the contents folder with the latest content updates using terraform or any other form?

as i see it this will be a manual task to keep this folder up to date wit the latest contents which can be a daily task.


thanks in adv

Who Me Too'd this topic