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IPv6 over PPPoE

L1 Bithead

(apologies if this has been answered before, I'm new to this community but I didn't find any answers to this.)

So basically my question is if it's possible to get IPv6 to work with PPPoE?

I just installed PA200 in my home, and before the PA200 I had two PPPoE connections, one for IPv4 and one for IPv6 (different service-providers, since my main one doesn't support IPv6.)

With a bit of rewiring I can work past the limitations of having only one PPPoE per physical interface (Technical Details Regarding PPPoE Support) and connecting two physical interfaces.

The PPPoE is only configured within the IPv4 tab, and after it has been configured, the IPv6 tab disappears.

The only simular thread I found about this subject is this one, unanswered: IPv6 6rd support?.

And the IPv6 Feature Support Matrix doesn't even mention PPPoE....

Who Me Too'd this topic