Ansible Version 2.2 Released

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L5 Sessionator

The Palo Alto Networks Ansible Galaxy role version 2.2.0 has been released! This release contains support for L2 and L3 subinterfaces, new facts modules, and log forwarding profiles. Thanks to all the community members who committed time and code to this release!


Full documentation for the Ansible Galaxy role can be found here.


New Modules

  • panos_zone_facts
  • panos_ipsec_ipv4_proxyid
  • panos_virtual_router_facts
  • panos_l3_subinterface
  • panos_l2_subinterface
  • panos_log_forwarding_profile
  • panos_log_forwarding_profile_match_list
  • panos_log_forwarding_profile_match_list_action
  • panos_email_profile
  • panos_email_server
  • panos_snmp_profile
  • panos_snmp_v2c_server
  • panos_snmp_v3_server
  • panos_syslog_profile
  • panos_syslog_server
  • panos_http_profile
  • panos_http_profile_header
  • panos_http_profile_param
  • panos_http_server
  • panos_type_cmd



  • panos_security_rule_facts can now return full policy info


Bug Fixes

  • Added module encoding to all modules
  • Various documentation fixes
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