Update for Certificate Renewal and Supported GlobalProtect Version for ADEM

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Please note that the upcoming change to the Certificate used with GlobalProtect for ADEM in addition to App Log Collection. The certificate is currently set to expire on June 3, 2022, and we will have the updated certificate available for renewal starting on April 20, 2022.


What do customers need to do?


New ADEM customers starting April 20th: Upgrade GP to 5.2.11 to successfully deploy ADEM.


Existing ADEM customers looking to roll out ADEM on new endpoints starting April 20: Upgrade GP to 5.2.11 and renew certificate to successfully deploy ADEM.


Existing ADEM customers with ADEM already deployed on their endpoints: ADEM endpoints will automatically be upgraded once already connected to ADEM; however please renew the certificate before expiry.




If a customer doesn’t renew certificate prior to its expiration on June 3, 2022: If customer does not renew the certificates before June 3, 2022, on expiry new and existing clients will not be able to connect to the ADEM and GP app log collection service.


NOTE: 5.2.11 requirements are for ADEM functionality only for new ADEM endpoint deployments starting April 20. App Log Collection functionality doesn’t have the newer GP client version requirement with the renewal of the certificate.


The process of renewing the certificate for GlobalProtect is relatively straightforward and documented via this blog, Updates on Certificates for GlobalProtect App Log Collection Feature — but please keep in mind the above mentioned dates and software version requirements.

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Below message i received , when i opened the firewall this morning ,
Kindly guide me what i have to do ? 

Dear Palo Alto Networks Customer,

PAN-OS 8.0 will reach end-of-life on October 31, 2019. The end-of-life event results in an end of support for the release to include maintenance releases (for bugs and product vulnerabilities) as well as technical support.
If you are running any PAN-OS 8.0 version on your devices, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to a supported PAN-OS version as listed here - https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/services/support/end-of-life-announcements/end-of-life-summary.

Dear Palo Alto Networks Customer,

Palo Alto Networks published advisories on July 8, 2020 for important security fixes made in the recent versions of PAN-OS. Ensure you are running the latest supported version of PAN-OS or apply available mitigations. See https://security.paloaltonetworks.com for details.

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Hi @AmrAbbas ,


Which PAN-OS version are you running to be exact? It looks like you are running a version has reached End-of-life. I would recommend upgrading to one of the versions listed here

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