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Discussion Feature - Recommended PAN-OS versionsDiscussion Feature - Recommended PAN-OS versions


LIVEcommunity discussion forums host the voice of the Palo Alto Networks user and an area to engage other users to find answers. Check out a popular discussion topic to learn more about what current versions of PAN-OS are recommended. Get answers on LIVEcommunity.



As a former Technical Support Engineer, one question that I would get on a regular basis was, "What version of PAN-OS is recommended?" Coincidentally, this question also comes up on a regular basis in the discussion forum. 


Another pain point for any admin is ensuring that the system is going to be stable and have a large number of issues addressed because the last thing you want to do is go through the trouble of updating the PAN-OS on your device and then run into an issue.


Now, this is about the place that I talk about a specific thread that talks about the recommended PAN-OS version. But I'd rather show you where to find the source of truth. Here's what we have to help answer this question, which is the Support PAN-OS Software Release Guidance article on LIVEcommunity that is located in the Customer Resources area.

(In order to view this resource, be sure to sign-in with your customer credentials.)


Customer View of Support PAN-OS Software Release GuidanceCustomer View of Support PAN-OS Software Release Guidance


The Support PAN-OS Software Release Guidance article is constantly updated with every new revision that is released. It lists out all of the currently supported versions of PAN-OS, Release Dates, and what version is Support Preferred. 


View of PAN-OS for Firewalls supported versions.View of PAN-OS for Firewalls supported versions.


Inside of the article, you will find PAN-OS for Firewalls,  Panorama on VM / M-series, GlobalProtect, and User-ID/Terminal Server Agent listed. This really is the "Go To" place to find out if you need to upgrade to be on the recommended version. 


If you have access to the article, you can find it here: Support PAN-OS Software Release Guidance

NOTE: You have to be a Palo Alto Networks customer in order to access this resource.


If you don't have access and you still need to find this information, don't worry, our General Topics discussion forum is a great place to find what you're looking for. Try these links for more information:

Recommended Versions (10-16-2018) - Solved Discussion

TAC Recommended PAN-OS Release 9.0

Recommended PAN-OS version - Solved Discussion

Recommended Version (07-02-2019)


Or you can sign in and start a new topic here: General Topic Discussion Forum



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