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Learn about the new AIOps On-Demand BPA feature allowing you to generate a best practices report via TSF upload.Learn about the new AIOps On-Demand BPA feature allowing you to generate a best practices report via TSF upload.


You can now run a best practice assessment (BPA) directly in AIOps for NGFW by uploading a Tech Support File (TSF). Now, you can generate an on-demand BPA report for devices that are not sending telemetry data or are not onboarded to AIOps (e.g. PAN-OS 9.1 devices), as well as devices that are onboarded to AIOps for NGFW with telemetry enabled


On-Demand BPA is a free feature, available in both Free and Premium versions of AIOps for NGFW. New AIOps users can immediately start generating best practice reports by instantiating an AIOps Free instance and uploading their device TSFs via On-Demand BPA (no device onboarding required). Existing AIOps users will already have On-Demand BPA available by the next time they log into their AIOps instance.


Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 7.31.00 PM.png

Upload a device TSF to generate an on-demand BPA report. When the report has successfully been generated, click "View Report" to see the report in Best Practices.


Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 7.33.30 PM.png


Prerequisites for On-Demand BPA

  • On-demand BPA supports TSFs from devices on PAN-OS versions 9.1 and above for report generation
  • On-demand BPA only supports TSF uploads with the .tgz file format. 
  • Note: Users do not have to enable telemetry to generate an on-demand BPA report.


What is a best practice assessment (BPA)?

The BPA evaluates your security posture against Palo Alto Networks best practices and prioritizes improvements to your devices. Best practices include checks for the Center for Internet Security’s Critical Security Controls (CSC). See Palo Alto Networks' best practices guidance to understand how to bolster security posture and implement changes to align your configuration to security best practices.



You can also check out the AIOps for NGFW and BPA resource pages on LIVEcommunity. 


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