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Community Manager
Community Manager


Welcome to the second interview in our Spotlight Interview Series, in which we’ll get to know our Cyber Elite expert, Brandon Wertz (@Brandon_Wertz). Our Cyber Elite members are among the top contributors within the LIVEcommunity and we are excited to be featuring them via our community interviews.Brandon WertzBrandon Wertz


Brandon is a Senior Systems Engineer for Conagra Brands and has spent the past 12 years working primarily in data center services. He eventually transitioned into firewall architecture and implementation, working on core technologies such as data center switching, WAN/internet connectivity, and firewall services.


We recently spent some virtual time with Brandon and want to share his insights with the entire community. So, watch this video interview as he talks about his experiences, shares a bit of his background and reveals his tips for getting the most out of Palo Alto Networks and LIVEcommunity. 



“I think the LIVEcommunity is a great place to discover quick answers to issues someone might have. I also think it’s a good place to provide a different perspective on how to use or deploy Palo Alto Networks products.”


We hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about our Cyber Elite expert Brandon Wertz. If you have any specific questions for Brandon, please reach out to him in the community or comment in the section below.


Be sure to visit the Cyber Elite Program page to learn more, and please stay tuned as we’ll be featuring more ideas and stories from our Cyber Elite members!

Stay Engaged!


Cheryl Rasmussen

Engagement Program Manager,  LIVEcommunity


Community Team Member

Thanks @Brandon_Wertz for sharing your knowledge and passion! You are a community rock star!

Thanks @crasmussen for a great interview.

Keep it going!! 
Go Palo Alto Networks and LIVEcommunity!!

L4 Transporter

Thank you @Brandon_Wertz for the immense value you bring to our community and the knowledge you tirelessly share with others! Great interview!

Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

Thank you @Brandon_Wertz for helping  the Live community.

Keep up the great work!

We need more people like you.

Community Team Member

Glad to have you on board in the LIVEcommunity @Brandon_Wertz !


Stay awesome !


L4 Transporter

Amazing interview! Thank you @Brandon_Wertz for sharing your expertise with the community!

Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

Excellent info Brandon!


Keep up the good work.

Community Team Member

Thank you @Brandon_Wertz! Loved hearing a little about you and how you utilize the LIVEcommunity. We are happy to have you on board with us!

L3 Networker

Great interview @Brandon_Wertz Thank you so much for all your bring to the community, sharing your expertise and knowledge, and consistently support the community. We appreciate you and so glad you are here! 

L6 Presenter

Thanks all for the feedback.  Just hope to provide assistance or insight where I can.

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