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Read about the Customer Communities at Palo Alto Networks, the benefits of each one, and how you can join. Palo Alto Networks offers community knowledge and connections via the Fuel User Group and online in the LIVEcommunity. Join one or both. Got Questions? Get Answers here on LIVEcommunity.

In person or online, you'll find help when and where you need it.In person or online, you'll find help when and where you need it.




The dictionary defines "community" as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals (Merriam-Webster).

Palo Alto Networks is the place for community, the sharing of common interests and goals, where you'll experience the power of community through customer-focused participation at Fuel User Group and the LIVEcommunity. These two communities work together in perfect harmony, each taking complementary roles to ensure our customers sing the sweetest tunes about Palo Alto Networks.


MEETING IN PERSON: How about you? Does your best performance take place with others—a chorale, choir, orchestra? Are you the social type who prefers meeting in person? Do you like meeting and talking with like-minded cybersecurity professionals and sharing problems and solutions in real time? Try a Spark or Fuel meeting. Spark Summits and Fuel User group meetings take place in cities around the world. They range in size from small to quite large, with some gatherings coinciding with Palo Alto Networks product launches. Would you like to share in that kind of excitement? Even a small meeting featuring tech topics over coffee might tickle your fancy, as long as others are around. If you like learning alongside others, or just enjoy meeting new people, try a Fuel User Group meetup or Spark summit near you.


About Fuel: Fuel is the premier user community for cybersecurity professionals. Members receive top educational resources, expert strategies, and latest trends to defend against cyber attacks. Find a Fuel User Group meeting or Spark summit near you and connect today. T-shirts are nice, too!


MEETING ONLINE: If your style plays more to the soloist in you, the online community might be a better audience for you. Perhaps you like perfecting new skills, learning new things, and experimenting with new ideas, but on your own schedule and in the quiet flexibility of your own space. Maybe just you, the computer, and the community? If you prefer the ease and convenience of an online community, then the LIVEcommunity may perfectly suit your style. Our online community is moderated by our Solutions Engineers and community Sentinels. Your questions are answered by other users and by experts with years of experience in security, support, specifically with Palo Alto Networks products, technologies, and solutions. Check out our discussions, blogs, knowledge base, and our end-to-end solutions to your biggest cybersecurity challenges. 


About LIVE: The LIVEcommunity provides a vibrant forum, insightful knowledge, and P2P engagement about Palo Alto Networks technology with fellow cybersecurity professionals in an online forum. Ask a question. Get an answer. Join in community. Our t-shirts are pretty snazzy, too!

Have you participated in a Fuel User Group meeting or a Spark summit?  Are you a LIVEcommunity member? The LIVEcommunity is open to everyone—all you need is an email address to sign up. Bring your questions, answers, and expert advice to both communities. Experience the power of community working for you.  


As a Palo Alto Networks customer, prospective customer, enthusiast or simply curious, we want you to know how to tap into our best resources when you need help, or just have a great idea to share. Someone else might have a question, and you're the key to their enlightenment. Connect, share, and learn. That's building community, one person at a time, where you are that important person. Join today and play that tune or sing your song exactly the way you like it.


Connect with Palo Alto Networks resources in person with Fuel user group, or online with the LIVEcommunity—or both.



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