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LIVEcommunity Digital EventsLIVEcommunity Digital Events


Introducing Digital Events


Now more than ever, digital events have become one of the main ways that we all make connections with one another. Well what if we told you that the LIVEcommunity is going to start having digital events? You heard that right … we are super excited to introduce digital events coming to you in April!


Having digital events provides interaction while learning and—most importantly—they increase connection with one another, meeting experts and thought leaders across the Palo Alto Networks ecosystem.


Two Types of Digital Events Coming to LIVEcommunity


Ask Me Anything (AMA) Events: First event on April 8, 2021 — An AMA Event is a Q&A session focused on a specific topic where you can connect with experts and other community members to help you on your journey of finding answers.


Interactive Events: Streaming of live events around a variety of different topics. All the benefits of an in-person event and it's easy to navigate. 


Our First AMA Event is Here!


Join us for our first event on April 8 at 10 AM PDT!


This Q&A session will focus on Professional Services — Experts You Can Count On When Protecting Your Business. This event will be focused on how professional services can help you in different stages of deployment of our full portfolio of products and adopt our technology to help protect your business. The Palo Alto Networks Professional Services team and Global Practice Lead Dave Delcourt are excited to answer your questions in this upcoming AMA.


Featured Expert


Dave DelcourtDave Delcourt


Dave Delcourt is the Global Practice Lead of the Strata Practice at Palo Alto Networks. With almost twenty years of experience in Professional Services and over fifteen years of leadership experience helping customers effectively leverage Professional Services to solve business problems, Dave brings a balanced scope of knowledge to the conversation.





You can find all the details about this event in this article.


Mark your calendars and start posting your questions on March 31 and through April 7, 2021.


Note: These two different types of digital events will be taking place on our Events page, so be sure to subscribe (Subscribe is located under Page Options) to that area to stay updated with the latest information.


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