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In this week's Discussion of the Week, I want to take some time to talk about GlobalProtect troubleshooting.


The list of discussions on LIVEcommunity related to GlobalProtect is vast, so highlighting this topic only seems logical! There are so many that I can't choose one. A simple search for "GlobalProtect" from the LIVEcommunity search feature reveals a massive list of discussions on the topic.


NOTE: Notice the green check mark indicating that the discussion was resolved. 





The thing is that there might not always be a copy/paste solution when you're experiencing GP issues. Some additional debugging or troubleshooting might be required to move forward, either for you to find a solution to the issue you're facing, or for other users who are reading the discussions and trying to assist you to the best of their abilities.


GlobalProtect issues can be categorized as follows:

  • GP unable to connect to portal or gateway
  • GP is connected but unable to access resources
  • Other miscellaneous behavior


You can drill down even further to very specific key areas related to GlobalProtect and check out the GP Resource List containing hundreds of articles related to GP.


Don't know how to begin? Then I would recommend that you start with this Troubleshooting GlobalProtect article. Here you will find tools and utilities for troubleshooting on the client machine and on the firewall. You'll also find a playbook  a step-by-step general troubleshooting approach to help you on your way!


If you can't find what you're looking for in the resource list, you can always do a search on the LIVEcommunity. Many users have started discussions on both general and corner case scenarios and have gotten answers from other users, from our LIVEcommunity Cyber Elites (yes, that's a status) or Palo Alto Networks employees.


Maybe you still can't find what you're looking for. (It happens, unfortunately.) Then you can always start a new discussion and ask for help. That being said, make sure to check out the Troubleshooting GP article first and do some initial debugging, which will greatly help anyone trying to assist you.



Thanks for taking time to read this blog.
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