GlobalProtect 5.0.6 Product Enhancement

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Palo Alto Networks introduces new features in GlobalProtect app 5.0.6 that include GlobalProtect Event Logs for Diagnosis and SSL Tunnel Enforcement. See how these new features can help you keep your network secure.


Below are the new features introduced in GlobalProtect app 5.0.6.


For additional information on all the GlobalProtect 5.0 features and on how to use the new features in this release, refer to the GlobalProtect App 5.0 New Features Guide.


Feature Description
GlobalProtect Event Logs for Diagnosis

(GlobalProtect app 5.0.6 and later releases) To provide full visibility into connection workflows and make it easier to troubleshoot connectivity issues, the GlobalProtect app for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS can now capture GlobalProtect events as they occur and bundle it with the other logs in the file. When users call in with issues, you can use the detailed messages and errors in the new pan_gp_event.log file to trace what happened and identify the stage at which the connection problem occurred.


SSL Tunnel Enforcement

(GlobalProtect app 5.0.6 and later releases with Content Release version 8207-5750 or later) To mitigate the challenges of reliable connectivity in regions where IPSec is not permitted or to offer a fallback option to use SSL instead of IPSec, you can now specify whether to use SSL. For VPN access, you can opt to enforce SSL connections only, disallow SSL connections, or allow the user to choose SSL or IPSec (default) depending on the geo-location and network performance to provide the best user experience.

To configure SSL options, choose the Connect Using SSL Only options you want to allow in the App configuration of your GlobalProtect portal.



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