New App-ID Subcategories for SCADA

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We have received feedback from customers that it is time consuming to find out what all SCADA or medical protocols we have App-IDs for. 


To solve this problem, we are releasing two new subcategories for SCADA/ICS and medical protocols. Once released, we will transition the App-IDs from old subcategories to new subcategories.


  • Medical: This subcategory will cover all the medical protocol related App-IDs such as: dicom,hl7, and hospira among many others. Currently, these App-IDs are covered under the broader subcategory of general-business. 
  • ICS-Protocols: This subcategory will cover all OT, ICS, and SCADA protocols like DNP3, MMS-ICS, Modbus, etc. These are currently covered either under general-business or under management-systems.

Read more about it and how you need to prepare in our Palo Alto Networks Customer Resources on LIVEcommunity.


As always, let us know if you have questions.



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