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Find the answers you need on Live Community in our New VM-Series in the Public Cloud resource pages for AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.  These resource pages for VM-Series in the public cloud can help users of all levels. Get your questions answered in the Live Community today!





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AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Microsoft Azure

GCP (Google Cloud Platform)


With our recent major releases at Palo Alto Networks, we are pleased to announce a set of dedicated cloud resource pages to help both new and experienced users securely move their business-critical apps onto AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.


These new Public Cloud resource pages complement our existing Cloud Automation resource page with a wide range of resources from deployment guidance to advanced architecture designs and fully automated scripts.


The brilliant minds behind the information on these resource pages understand that, sometimes, users just want to do it themselves. So they teamed up with the Palo Alto Networks Live Community to provide you with quick and easy access to the necessary resources to be successful with our products.


The Cloud resources pages provide user-friendly and extremely informative resources to help you with our VM-Series and your public or private clouds. Each page includes information specific to AWS, GCP, and Azure, including:


  • How-To Videos and Tutorials
  • Technical Documentation
  • Cloud provider-specific templates and scripts to automate deployments
  • Templates and scripts for Terraform, Ansible, and PAN-Python to automate deployments and configurations across multi-cloud environments
  • Reference Architecture and How-To Guides
  • Recorded sessions from our IGNITE User Conference
  • Information on Product Support


We also feature a discussion section that includes all topics that have to do with clouds. Here’s the best part: we also have an area where you can submit your own cloud solution. Join the discussion area to post your questions and get answers from the community, which is also monitored by subject matter experts who live and work in the trenches of cybersecurity. All you need to do is register for an account on Live Community to get started.


After exploring our resource pages, you can find a link to the support portal on each one of the resource pages.


Get Started with VM-Series in the Public Cloud.



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