PAN-OS 10.0 Officially Released

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PAN-OS 10.0 has officially been released.PAN-OS 10.0 has officially been released.


Palo Alto Networks officially announced the release of PAN-OS 10.0. Over the past couple of weeks, we've been offering bits and pieces of information about the new PAN-OS 10.0 through webinars and launch events, but now it's finally here!


At the heart of the world’s first ML-Powered NGFW is the new PAN-OS 10.0, empowering you to stay ahead of unknown threats, maintain visibility on vulnerable IoT devices, and reduce errors with automatic policy recommendations. 



Some of the PAN-OS 10.0 features include:


This is just the tip of the iceberg! Are you ready to Get Started with PAN-OS 10.0.


Are you planning to upgrade to PAN-OS 10.0?

The new features and new hardware introduced with the PAN-OS 10.0 require content release version 8267 or later. Be sure to review the upgrade and downgrade considerations for specific information about determining the upgrade path for a firewall. You can also refer to the PAN-OS 10.0 Release Information.


Upgrading to PAN-OS 10.0 also depends on your current setup. Do you have a standalone firewalls or firewalls in a high availability (HA) configuration? Are you using Panorama to manage your firewalls? In any scenario, be sure to review the Associated Software and Content Versions and follow the procedures specific to your deployment outlined in the PAN-OS 10.0 Admin Guide.


More goodies with CN-Series firewalls!

Learn how to secure your Kubernetes clusters with the industry’s first ML-powered NGFW built specifically for Kubernetes environments. 


The CN-Series provides Layer 7 traffic visibility, including container source IP of outbound traffic to detect and prevent threats traveling between namespace boundaries. CN-Series firewalls enforce enterprise-level network security and threat protection in container traffic to help you elevate the overall security posture by sharing Kubernetes contextual information with other Palo Alto Networks firewalls.


Here are some useful links related to the CN-Series firewall:

Additional Information

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