Prisma SD-WAN and the CloudBlades Platform

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The days of the multi-function hardware router using several hardware blades has become a thing of the past. This traditional way of adding multiple blades to your routers came with expensive hardware refresh cycles and vendor lock-in—plus poor quality and limited features.  


Palo Alto Networks customers have often expressed their needs for a different approach.


With our CloudBlades approach we offer one-click, high-performance delivery of infrastructure from the cloud, using best-of-breed providers in each category. Through CloudBlades' API-based platform, you can automate branch-to-cloud connectivity—without any service disruption otherwise caused by appliance or controller upgrades.


Cloud-Delivered Branch - CloudBlades ArchitectureCloud-Delivered Branch - CloudBlades Architecture


Prisma SD-WAN (formerly CloudGenix) has developed multiple CloudBlades across various infrastructure services, which allows customers to completely eliminate complex integrations with just the click of a few buttons.


In addition customers, partners and other developers have the freedom to build their own custom CloudBlades through the company’s CloudBlade Developer Program. 



Find out more on CloudBlades and how Prisma SD-WAN enables the cloud-delivered branch.


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