Where Are My Panorama System Logs?

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You can configure Panorama to send notifications when a system event change occurs. In the System logs, each event has a severity level to indicate its urgency and impact and can be a very useful source of information.


However, sometimes the menu option appears to be missing in Panorama.  Looking at the dashboard there's clearly a widget showing System Logs but going to the monitor tab the system logs don't seem to be available.




You can work your way through the CLI and get the desired system logs but that's not very convenient is it ?







admin@uk1rama-gcp> show log system







Instead, you just would like to have system logs, similar to the ones you have on your firewalls, easily accessible through the GUI.


On Panorama, the system log also exists ... you just have to make sure NOT to select a Device Group on the Monitor tab. Instead, make sure that the drop-down menu is set to 'All'.  In doing so, you'll see an immediate change in the menu structure on the left side showing you the previously missing 'System' menu:





I hope this little trick might be useful for other users !


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