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One of the more popular discussions for 2017 was our Fall/Autumn Question: What is your favorite Palo Alto Networks Feature? In case you missed it, it is located here:


A Fall/Autumn Question: What is your favorite Palo Alto Networks feature?


It was really great to hear from those who participated in this discussion. It really helped us see some of the most used and most appreciated features of the Palo Alto Networks security platform.


Some of the features called out in the discussion:


  • WildFire
  • DoS/Zone Protection
  • Unified Log Viewer
  • Visibility and control
  • User activity reports
  • URL Filtering
  • File Blocking
  • User-ID
  • Granularity of the security policies
  • Packet Capture
  • App-ID
  • USB port on the hardware
  • Geo Filtering/Geo Location
  • Global Search
  • SSL Decryption
  • General Architecture
  • QoS


Thanks again for all those who contributed, we really appreciate hearing from all of you.

With all your great responses, we heard how you meet your daily security challenges. It can be challenging to pick just one certain feature of the firewall that you use on a daily basis, or one key feature that made your job easier. As with any great product that gets better with each iteraction, sometimes things may not work as expected, but our commitment and dedication to the NGFW keeps all working to make it better. Feedback from community members and users like you help us continue to improve.


As a special Thank You, I will be reaching out to those who participated in this thread and sending you a FREE Live Community t-shirt.


Thanks again to all of you who chimed in -- you'll be getting an email from me shortly.


You all help make the Live Community the best place to learn, ask questions and #GetAnswers.


We will be having more questions soon, and look forward to hearing from you again.


Don't forget to click the Thumbs-Up if you liked this, and as always, we welcome all feedback below in the comments section.


Stay Secure!
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