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Cortex XDR allows you to rapidly detect and respond to threats across your networks, endpoints, and clouds. It assists SOC analysts by allowing them to view ALL the alerts from all PANW products in one place, telling the full story of what actually happened in seconds and allows seamless response.

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Host Firewall Logs

Hi Team, We have Host firewall profile enabled to block access to some of the IP address.How can we check these logs, if any users tried to access these blocked ip addresses and at what time they tried so. please advise.

problem starting the pc

I have been having problems with some users, they report that their computer takes 30 to 40 minutes to start when they have the cortex agent installed and when they uninstall it it starts normally. It is worth mentioning that the agents are currently...

xdr agent download 22MB with each check-in

Dear community, I hope you all stay safe and doing great. I noticed that per each 5-minutes check-in the cortex XDR agents they will get 22MB back from the cloud.I think this is considerable amount of data if there´s no policy/content update to be se...

Carracido by L3 Networker
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Cortex-XDR hash verdict

Hi Team, Our cyber security department has shared few hashes and asked to check the these hashes verdict? How to check a hash is malware or benign? how to perform this on cortex xdr portal?

Scripts/ Download File size limit

I am trying to get a live memory dump from the Endpoints with Cortex XDR agents installed. through a live terminal and the the file explorer, we are limited to 200 MB downloads from the remote host. Is there a way to expand this file size limit or ho...

Linux Agent not Reporting in

I have installed Linux agent version on Ubuntu 16.04 and the agent is not visable under Endpoint Administration. Here is the output of cytool└──╼ $sudo /opt/traps//bin/cytool startup queryProcess name Startup statusauthorized Enabledpmd E...

Cortex XDR Release Guidance

I need to know if Palo Alto created a Cortex Release Guidance for the XDR endpoint agent? I have been burned in the past on what version is installed in my enterprise. Can you please let me know if there is something similar to PAN OS

timross by L1 Bithead
  • 2 replies
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