New XSOAR Content Packs Released In June '22

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Check The New XSOAR Content Packs Released In June '22

For more info on use cases, integrations and related documentation click on the Pack title:


CVE-2022-30190 - MSDT RCE

This pack handles MSDT RCE CVE-2021-44228, aka Follina vulnerability, a 0-day exploit in Microsoft MSDT protocol handler


Malware Investigation and Response

Accelerate the investigation of your endpoint malware alerts and incidents and trigger containment activities quickly.



This is the integration content pack that can create or delete a topic/subscription on AWS Simple Notification System and send the message via SNS as well.


CVE-2022-26134 - Confluence RCE

This pack handles Confluence RCE CVE-2022-26134 vulnerability, a 0-day exploit via OGNL injection in Confluence Server & Data Center.



Penfield.AI premium paid pack, the Elite platform bundle, includes Skill Set Visualization, Automated Alert Assignment, Automated Intelligent QA Review, On-The-Job Context...



Integration for retrieving data from the SpyCloud ATO API


Cloudflare WAF

By: Cortex XSOAR

Use Cloudflare WAF to manage firewall rules, filters, and IP lists.


Palo Alto Networks Security Advisories

Search CVE details from the Palo Alto Security Advisories website.


CIRCL hashlookup (

CIRCL hash lookup is a public API to lookup hash values against a known database of files. NSRL RDS database is included and many others are also included. The API is accessible via HTTP ReST...


To explore more content packs and test drive use cases from Cortex XSOAR and other contributors visit our Marketplace Site!


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