XSOAR Content packs released in April '22

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New XSOAR Content packs released in April '22

Check out our XSOAR content packs released in April!
For more info on use cases, integrations and related documentation click on the Pack title:


Spring Core and Cloud Function SpEL RCEs

This pack handles Spring Core and Cloud Function SpEL RCEs, a 0-days exploits in the popular Spring Framework.


Manage identity and access control for Google Cloud Platform resources.


Absolute is an adaptive endpoint security solution that delivers device security, data security and asset management of endpoints


SysAid is a robust IT management system that was designed to meet all of your needs as an IT department.


CimTrak - System Integrity Assurance

The CimTrak integration helps you detect unexpected system/device/config modifications and automatically respond/react to threats



CRYPTOSIM meets the SIEM needs of corporations by its unique correlation engine works, capable of hierarchical correlation.


Cyble Events

Cyble Events for Vision Users. Must have Vision API access to use the threat intelligence.


Cyble Threat Intel
Cyble Threat Intelligence for Vision Users. Must have access to Vision Taxii feed to access the threat intelligence.



Malware analysis sandbox



Manage OPNsense Firewall



This pack's purpose is to provide helpful commands to build a connectivity and run queries on IBM DB2 database.



Script proposition to add to Common Scripts collection



Script proposition to add to Common Scripts collection

PowerShell Utilities
Collection of automation scripts which wraps various built-in Powershell cmdlets for use in XSOAR.


Automation script that can be used as a transformer, to return a random selection of elements from a list of items.



This pack empowers you with comprehensive solutions to manage your Automox device fleet with ease!


BMC Discovery

BMC Discovery integration allows searching for endpoints information, triggering Discovery runs and running custom user queries.



Ncurion is a container-based, standardized detection engine that protects the nature of intrusion detection.


To explore more content packs and test drive use cases from Cortex XSOAR and other contributors visit our Marketplace Site!
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