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The Cybersecurity Academy program from Palo Alto Networks equips students with the next-generation cybersecurity knowledge and skills for careers in cybersecurity.

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Cybersecurity Academy offers a comprehensive set of modularized academic and technical courses that prepare learners for success in the cybersecurity workforce. 


To learn more about the benefits of Cybersecurity Academy, click here 

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Become part of more than 1,150 Cybersecurity Academy campuses in more than 70 countries.


NOTE: The Cybersecurity Academy is not available in all countries. To see if the Cybersecurity Academy is offered in your country or to learn when it will be offered, please email



Are you interested in offering Cybersecurity Academy courses?

  1. Review the Program Guide to see benefits, restrictions and resources.
  2. Read and agree online to the Terms and Conditions in the Cybersecurity Academy Agreement.
  3. Complete the online Application & Agreement form.
  4. Work with the Cybersecurity Academy team to enroll in faculty training, and decide on your best lab setup and course delivery options.
  5. Start teaching!
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