Cybersecurity Academy Hosts Student Competitions

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Cybersecurity Academy and Student Competitions Benefit PANW


Did you know that our Cybersecurity Academy, one pillar of Global Enablement/Education Services, co-sponsors and assists with a variety of key student competitions globally? 




Collegiate Cybersecurity Defense Competition (CCDC). We co-sponsor this U.S. competition with other cybersecurity organizations. Competitions run through the academic year, starting with local levels, then regional levels, and then the national competition in April.


Secure the Future (STF). Managed by the Cybersecurity Academy and supported by PANW University Relations (UR).


CyberPeace Capture the Flag (CTF). Sponsored by governments around the world; we help promote, and encourage our students and alumni to participate.


WorldSkills. 85 participating countries send their national winners to this global competition; we help promote, offer our technology, and encourage students/alumni to participate. 


Why is this important to PANW, UR and I&D?


These competitions throw a spotlight on emerging top cybersecurity talent around the world. Competitors work individually and in teams, often under tremendous pressure and visibility, which reveals their teamwork, leadership and creative problem-solving skills in minute detail. PANW seeks to hire as many as possible from among the winners, as interns or engineers, with a keen eye on our Inclusion & Diversity goals. 


Here are two amazing stories from 2020, highlighting new hires already making a difference here at PANW:






My Experience in Secure the Future 2019, Lionel Somé, Data Scientist (STF 2019-20)


Filling the Cybersecurity Talent Pipeline, Kyle Wilhoit, Senior Manager, Threat Research Unit 42 (STF 2019-20 )


Watch for news about winners and hires from our current academic year (2020-21) which will be available in May.

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