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Cybersecurity Academy: 1 of 4 Pillars for Global Enablement    What's new with us? Growth and evolution!  We've grown to over 1,000 academies globally, even during COVID-19. Universities, colleges and high schools are reaching out to Palo Alto Networks, as the world's largest cybersecurity company, for the best academic education in this rapidly evolving field. Our new 4-course fundamentals series aligns with our Strata, Prisma and Cortex product lines, as well as the new PCCET certification (replacing the PCCSA). Academies are now in 70+ countries globally.     What else is important for you to know? Our I&D focus! Did you know that the Cybersecurity Academy program has been tasked with a vital Inclusiveness & Diversity goal: to increase the number of minority-serving education institutions in our program by 15% per quarter? And we have continued to meet and exceed that goal. We are partnering with University Relations to recruit alumni from these academies to address our company goal for a more diverse and inclusive workforce.   What is the difference between Education and Training? Education typically refers to academic courses at campuses, while training is often professional development. The 4 pillars of Palo Alto Networks Global Enablement (also called Education Services) are: Instructor-Led Training, Digital Learning, Certification, and Cybersecurity Academy. All 4 align with our product lines, which means that regular (and often significant) updates are required from each team.  Instructor-Led Training leverages partner-trainers to deliver professional development to working professionals whose employers often cover the cost. These include lab practice (currently all virtual). Digital Learning provides free online courses for any individuals to take at their own pace. There is no lab practice.  Certification develops and maintains industry-recognized certifications that validate the knowledge and skills needed to work with PANW products. These play a big role in helping individuals start their cybersecurity career or advance in their current career pathway. The Cybersecurity Academy education program is uniquely targeted to accredited academic institutions at no cost, as part of Palo Alto Networks' corporate social responsibility efforts. Universities, colleges and high schools teach our courses to their students across an academic calendar, often by semester. Our program includes courseware, faculty-training, and teaching tools (assignments, labs, exams, grading, and much more). Our blended learning model (in the classroom and online) has effectively pivoted to address the current need for remote teaching and learning where classrooms are not yet reopened. Why is the Cybersecurity Academy valuable to Palo Alto Networks? SALES ENABLEMENT. We work closely with Sales teams to leverage our relationships in academia around the world, to help open doors for the sale of Palo Alto Networks products and services. We track and measure these wins for the company by tagging SFDC leads as Academy-sourced, and keeping a database of internal and external testimonials (often including dollar amounts for deals we enable). TALENT DEVELOPMENT. We help build top talent for Palo Alto Networks and its partners/customers, with (1) student competitions that showcase capabilities and leadership using real-world attacks; and (2) courses that develop a global community of product-loyal professionals. We partner with HR and UR to engage these experts-in-the-making as interns and new hires. Would you like to learn more about the Cybersecurity Academy? Visit our website at or send an email to
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