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Hear from our Head of Global Enablement, Prameet Chhabra, about how to get up to speed quickly and keep pace with the rapid changes in cybersecurity technology through easy-to-use, self-service learning with Beacon, a free, comprehensive learning resource for all Palo Alto Networks customers and partners.   The future of work requires learning to be dynamic, virtual, relevant and available on demand. Our customers and partners need to be able to get up to speed quickly and keep pace with the rapid changes in cybersecurity technology through easy-to-use, self-service learning. Beacon is just that – a free, comprehensive learning resource for all Palo Alto Networks customers and partners.   When we launched Beacon a little more than a year ago, we envisioned it as an interactive, engaging, one-stop site gathering all Palo Alto Networks resources in one location. Most recently, we moved all customer and partner learning onto Beacon to make it a truly centralized location to access digital learning, instructor-led training and certification, alongside content from our technical assets.     We know customers have individual learning needs, so while we provide recommendations and learning roadmaps, you can select any topic, course or asset on Beacon at any time via the search or browse function. Topics are broken up and organized in alignment with Palo Alto Networks core technologies – Strata, Prisma and Cortex – and further segmented to help you quickly get the most relevant information. Information is available to you via digital learning, instructor-led training, certifications, and technology- and feature-specific resources. Learning roadmaps can also be tailored to your desired outcome, needs, role and expertise. Whether you want to complete an initial deployment, optimize configurations, or anything in between, there’s a way to make Beacon work for you.     What Beacon Offers New Palo Alto Networks Customers For new customers, we recommend starting with our Onboarding and Initial Configuration topic. Here, you can find additional information on Registration, Deployments, Tools and Best Practices, Need to Know Resources, Communities and more. You can find step-by-step guides on how to register your products and services, and recommended next steps.   Continuing your learning journey, you have access to an array of Digital Learning, Instructor-Led Training and Certifications. Digital Learning consists of a variety of courses on each of our technologies, as well as fundamental courses that dive deeper into cybersecurity as a whole. With bite-sized training and test-out capabilities, Digital Learning allows users to go through these courses at their own speed. Instructor-Led Training provides expert training courses with both classroom and virtual delivery formats. Learners can browse through a catalog of courses and register for classes through our global network of Authorized Training Partners. Our Certification program delivers role-based certifications for cutting-edge cybersecurity technology as well as assets for preparation. Learners may utilize resources such as study guides, blueprints and practice exams to successfully attempt certifications.     Other Ways to Make Beacon Work for You Alternatively if you just want to better understand different Palo Alto Networks capabilities and functions, select the Self-Service Roadmaps topic. Here you can scroll through the capabilities currently available on Beacon and select those most relevant – for example, Zero Trust for Network Engineers. Use Cases is another great feature that allows you to match learning to your organization’s situation. For example, Secure Your Remote Workers is a topic covering how you can deploy and manage your technology to secure your remote workforce.   If you’re looking for best practices, Beacon also provides you with powerful resources, including how to run a Best Practice Assessment (BPA) to measure adoption of capabilities, join professional communities and user groups, connect with experts, and more.   Sample the Learning Resources Palo Alto Networks Has to Offer Within each Beacon roadmap, you will find information from across many of the resources Palo Alto Networks maintains, including TechDocs, LIVEcommunity, the Customer Support Portal (CSP), our website, Knowledge Base and more than five other sites. This way, you don’t need to search through a variety of locations individually to find the information you need – and by becoming familiar with what various Palo Alto Networks resources have to offer, you’ll also learn where you personally might find to be the most rewarding information.  Expand your cybersecurity skills today and kickstart your learning on Beacon! 
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