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Prisma SD-WAN (formerly CloudGenix) provides a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution that transforms legacy wide area networks (WANs) into a radically simplified, secure, application fabric, virtualizing heterogeneous underlying transports into a unified hybrid WAN. 


The Prisma SD-WAN (formerly CloudGenix): Securing SD-WAN self-paced digital learning 💻describes...

  • the Prisma SD-WAN infrastructure
  • core concepts of the Prisma SD-WAN solution
  • how administrators can perform troubleshooting 


This training should enhance the learner’s knowledge of the app-defined Prisma SD-WAN solution by providing an overview of core Prisma SD-WAN concepts, Prisma SD-WAN sites and devices, branch and data center routing, and Prisma SD-WAN policies. This training also describes how to configure Prisma SD-WAN policies and how to troubleshoot network, device, and application issues using the Device Toolkit.


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