Firewall as a Platform Webinar: Episode 5

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Firewalls are not just hardware anymore. With the emergence of SaaS applications, cloud implementations and remote users a firewall in your data center is not sufficient to meet today’s security needs for the enterprise. Join us for a series of webinars where we will discuss the Firewall as a Platform - or, as we like to call it - FWaaP.


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What is App-ID?

This month we will be discussing Application Identification, which is used across PAN-OS and is part of what makes Firewall-as-a-Platform what it is. Imagine being able to differentiate between more than 1,500 different browser-based applications running on port 80 and 443 and being able to gain visibility and control over all of them. How can you tell the difference between DNS running on port 53 and some zero-day Command and Control channel running on port 53? App-ID gives you the ability to do this.


Please join us on Tuesday, June 29 at 11 am Pacific/ 2pm Eastern to hear more about App-ID.

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L0 Member

Hey everyone,


As a React-Entwickler und Beratung, I'm really excited to join this webinar on the Firewall as a Platform concept. It's fascinating to see how firewalls have evolved beyond hardware and become more integrated with SaaS applications, cloud implementations, and remote users. This shift highlights the importance of adapting security measures to meet the needs of modern enterprises.


I'm particularly interested in learning about Application Identification (App-ID) and its role in Firewall-as-a-Platform. The ability to differentiate between various browser-based applications and gain visibility and control over them is incredibly valuable. It's essential for organizations to have the means to distinguish between different protocols running on the same ports and identify potential security risks. App-ID seems like a powerful tool in achieving this.


I've registered for the webinar and I can't wait to expand my knowledge in this area. Looking forward to the discussion on Tuesday, June 29. See you all there!