New Expedition Installation Procedure

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Hello Expedition Community,

The process to install and deploy Expedition has been changed by offering an installable script that can be used to deploy onto your own instance of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Cloud and On-Prem Ready

The changes in the Expedition installation provides greater flexibility allowing users to deploy Expedition on-prem onto their local hyper-visor or onto a cloud compute resource in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

The attached document describes the OS requirements (Ubuntu 16.0.4) and recommend compute resources.


Download and read the attached Expedition installer guide.
To get started with your Expedition installation, download the Expedition installer script:


Additional Information

Download and follow the use case examples in the available Expedition Admin Guide and Technotes:


Ask questions in the Expedition Community



I have done a successful installation, but I cannot login. User admin and password paloalto is not working. What are the credentials? CLI login is o.k.


Those are the correct credentials to access via GUI (web https).

You mention that the installation was successful, so I understand that you did not see any errors during the installation script execution.


I mention this because it is important that the correct versions of the package dependencies are installed. One that has given some problems is the latest versions of MariaDB, the Database manager that we use in Expedition.

If you have executed an "apt upgrade", most probably MariaDB will have updated to the latest version, and some dependencies would stop working, invoving a PDOConnect.

You could check if this is your case looking at the apache error logs, that you could find in /var/log/apache2/error.log.


One easy way to check if the error is there is to keep the file open with a 

tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log

and while having this file open for reading in a terminal, open a Web Browser and try to login.

If there are errors related to the communications with the database due to the PDOCOnnector , those will show there



I'm unable to download the installer script from below URL, it seems to be not loading.





The ability to download the repository from conversionupdates has been fixed.

I'm unable to access Expedition via GUI as I'm seeing the default apache2 index.html page

I'm not getting any wiser from the logs ...





I'm also unable to access Expedition via GUI. How this can be solved? 






That depends, did you change default password or not?



No, I didn't change default password. This is new installation. Account for CLI is working.





Do you see the Expedition login screen or not?

default login = admin\expedition


Yes, I see login page. In documentation is written that admin\paloalto is default login.


In the meantime I started with reinstallation. After installation is complete, I'll try admin\expedition.




your login should work: admin\paloalto

In earlier versions it has been admin/expedition

anyway I'm also struggling to log in from time to time into the GUI.



I'm unable to download the installer script from below URL, it seems to be not loading. Giving me an error of "404: not found"





I was able to download it via browser:




Absolutely fails to work !!
Downloaded Ubuntu server (32bit) 16.04.6

Installed it on VMware Workstation 10

Watch and did exactly as shown on PA's video.

Default Apache page loads - NOT ,, Expedition

Has complete internet access during and after the installation.

Tried multiple times with the same results.


When items are free,,, they are free for a reason.

It’s true that it’s not working for a while to do the installation via Ubuntu. But there’s a legacy installation procedure where you can download an OVA. 

It’s a great tool and I’m amazed that they keep it free. It has helped me a lot already.



I found my error on why "I" couldnt get Expedtion to work.

It was my error, below is exactly what needed to be done to get it to install, configure & work correctly.

Priority 1 = Get the correct version on Ubuntu!!!   "I can not emphasize this enough" the scripts are written for that version.

It MUST be Server, (NOT desktop) it MUST be AMD64 (NOT i386) it MUST be version 16.04.6

Here is the link that I used to find and donwload it

Palo Alto did create a youtube video - and when followed exactly "to the letter" as shown = IT WORKED.

PA's video =

As an FYI my specs are:

VMware Workstation 10

Ubuntu 16.04.6 (Server AMD64 - I donwloaded/used the ISO file)

VMware settings = 2 Cores, 4 GIG RAM - Be mindful this is just for my own POC/LAB at home so specs will be vary to each others specs.


Hope this helps!!!!!

Now off to take on MineMeld,,,, I'm having issues with that one also,,,, but I'll beat :-)


I tried to install the expedition tool using the new method, but it does not work (I'm using the right Ubuntu version); the problem seems related to the installation of the MariaDB database server. I can not investigate further now, but at the end of the script the db server is missing.

This may sound funny.,.,., but was true in my case...
My firewall was blocking access :-)
Not sure if thats whats going on in your case,,, just an FYI.

Good Luck !!

seem fail get gog key

- below is fail


So, couldn't get expedition-tool from repository.

everyone done?



Third time was the charm for me, during the ubuntu install it wasn't clear that I should be creating create the 'expedition' user. First time I created my own user, prompted me to create the 'expedition' user via adduser, which I did and reran but install failed.


When Ubuntu install asks for user name, provide 'expedition' as the user. Don't know if this is how it's supposed to function, what was required for me.



Thank you, using Ubuntu 16.04.6 (Server AMD64) worked... i386 version did not.

The only issue left is PanOrders Agent is stopped. I can't figured out how to get it started.

after a lot of try and all the suggestions.. It simply didnt work for me so I tried Legacy OVA, which worked pretty smoothly

Sorry this may be cross posting but as of June 8th we successfully installed Expedition in Azure using the manual method of standing up an Ubuntu Server from the Azure store and following some guidance from the following post/articles

When we attempted to run the script we were prompted to "to create the 'expedition' user via adduser" once we created the user we re-started the script and it completed.

Upon completing this process as described in:
we attempted to access the URL and ran into an Apache error as described in another post, we then used the following commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install expedition-beta
sudo bash /var/www/html/OS/BPA/

after the updates we were able to get to the URL and login, now I just want to have our server/azure admin take a snapshot before I go about hardening the system in case I hose things up.

Thanks to everyone who shared their issues and going through the trials and tribulations so that we could succeed.  LOL.

someone know how change the default managment port (443) to 4443? because in the same server im using MineMeld 



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