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Forward Error Correction (FEC) is a long-established technology used to correct bit errors at the physical layer. This technology can also be adapted to operate on packets at the network layer to improve application performance across WANs that have high-loss characteristics.  
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This video will walk you through some of the upcoming changes to the Prisma SD-WAN user interface as it becomes a part of the Strata Cloud Manager:   For an introductory guide to Prisma SD-WAN in the Strata Cloud Manager please visit here.   For a detailed guide for all products in the Strata Cloud Manager please visit here.   For all of the Prisma SD-WAN content please visit here.   For the Pre-Migration Prisma SD-WAN admin guide please visit here.   For an overview of the tenant requirements please visit here (customer login required).
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Cisco Meraki SDWAN & Prisma Access 4.0 Integration
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Learn about latest Prisma SDWAN UI Enhancements
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Prisma SD-WAN Instant-On Network (ION) models enable integration of a diverse set of WAN connection types,  
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The attached document describes how to send encrypted traffic from a Prisma SD-WAN branch to an Azure VNET across a site to site VPN.
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This document contains highlights of new features and capabilities available through the Prisma SD-WAN (formerly CloudGenix) Portal. Prisma SD-WAN recommends upgrading to the latest release at all times to take advantage of new features, software enhancements, and bug fixes.    Highlights include: Link Quality Metrics on the Dashboard Flow Browser Enhancement to Link to Policy Rules Quick Filters Preserved Across Activity Pages Learn more here.
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