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Have questions on ION 1200 cellular devices? Find answers in this FAQ.

How many modems are supported in the ION 1200?

There is one cellular modem in each ION 1200 cellular device.


ION 1200-C-NA supports RF bands in North America

ION 1200-C-ROW supports RF bands for Rest Of the World (APAC,EMEA)

ION 1200-C-5G-WW supports RF bands World Wide


What are the supported RF bands?


ION 1200 Model


Supported RF bands 

ION 1200-C-NA

ION 1200 4G LTE device for North America

LTE: B2, B4,B5, B7, B12,B13, B14, B25,B26, B41,B42,B43, 

B48, B66,B71

ION 1200-C-ROW

ION 1200 4G LTE device for EMEA/APAC

LTE: B1, B3,B7, B8, B20,B2, B32, B38,B40, B41,B42,B43

ION 1200-C-5G-WW

ION 1200 5G LTE global device 

LTE: B1, B2,B3, B5, B7,B8,B12, B13,B14, B17, B18,B19, B20, B25,B26,B28, B29,B30, B32, B34,B38, B39, B40,B41, B42,B46, B48, B66,B71 

5G Sub-6NR: n1,n2, n3, n5,n28, n41, n66,n71, n77, n78,n79

Where should I position the ION 1200 cellular devices?

To position the ION 1200 cellular devices, please use the below speed recommendations:

ION 1200-C-NA/ROW : LTE CAT 7 



Is the 5G mmWave spectrum supported?

No. ION 1200 devices  support Sub-6 GHz frequency spectrum only.


Can ION 1200 Cellular devices support Dual SIM?

Yes , ION 1200 cellular devices support dual SIMs in Active/Backup mode.


Is FirstNet(Band 14) supported? 

In our roadmap.Not certified at the moment.


Is GPS supported?

Yes.GPS is supported in standalone mode.


Is GPS data formatted?



Can GPS be turned off?

Yes. Below is the UI workflow:




How many antennas are shipped for each cellular device variation?

The ION 1200 LTE devices require 3 antennas: Main,AUX and GPS.

ION 1200 5G device requires 4 antennas : Main,MIMO1,MIMO2/GNSS L5 and AUX/GNSS L1/MIMO


Are outdoor antennas supported?

Outdoor antenna qualification is on our roadmap.


What carriers are  certified for the ION 1200 modems?

  • The 1200-C-NA device is certified for ATT,Verizon,T-Mobile and PTCRB
  • GCF certification is in progress for 1200-C-ROW
  • The 1200-C-5G device is certified for ATT,T-Mobile and PTCRB  (Verizon is in progress)


Can we auto detect the carrier?

Yes, when a SIM is inserted, the modem automatically loads the carrier firmware that is pre-loaded in the device.


Do the ION 1200 cellular devices ship with a SIM?

No. The customer has to procure a SIM from the cellular service provider.


Does the modem reset when SIM switchover happens?



Does SIM switchover happen automatically ?

SIM Switchover happens automatically when:


  • Active cellular wan interface is set to Admin down.
  • SIM switchover is initiated manually on the portal.
  • An active data session with the cellular network is absent(Loss of IP).Continuous loss of data session for 5 mins will initiate SIM switchover when a SIM is present in the second slot.
  • Layer 3 unreachability over the Cellular WAN link


What is the FCS date for ION 1200?

Oct 31, 2021


Are Alerts and Alarms generated to indicate cellular link failures?

Yes, alerts and alarms are generated for specific conditions triggered on cellular links. Please take a look at the Admin Guide for specific information. 

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