Changes to the LIVEcommunity experience are coming soon... Here's what you need to know.

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Q:  What is Beacon?

A:  Beacon centralizes all of our various technical resources into one location making it easy for customers and partners to find relevant content for the features and capabilities they’re working to implement.


Q:  How is Beacon different from the Learning Center?

A:  Beacon is the new home for all Learning Center content.  After October 5th 2020, all Learning Center users will be redirected to Beacon for their Palo Alto Networks learning needs.


Q:  How do I navigate Beacon?

A:  Beacon features in-platform training: Beacon Navigation Training


Q:  I am a Learning Center user, will my transcript follow me to Beacon?

A:  Yes it will!  All your credentials and course completions will be visible in Beacon’s interface on October 6th.


Q:  I registered for an ILT class in the Learning Center, but the class is scheduled for after the migration.  Do I need to re-register in Beacon?

A:  No, your ILT registration was scheduled through the Learning Center but will be fulfilled by an Authorized Training Partner.  Please refer to your ATP confirmation email for any questions regarding your ILT class.


Q:  I have many Palo Alto Networks certifications and credentials.  Will I be affected by this system change?

A:  No, all your current credentials will be transferred over to Beacon’s transcript.


Q:  I am currently midway through a digital learning course, will my progress carry over to Beacon?

A:  Unfortunately not, but Beacon allows you courses to jump into a course at any point and resume your learning where you left off.


Q:  What will happen if I try to access the Learning Center after the migration date?

A:  You will be redirected to Beacon, and asked to register there with the same email address as you used in the Learning Center.


Q:  I am already a registered Beacon user, but I used a different email address than in the Learning Center.  How can I merge my transcripts?

A:  Please contact


Q:  Do I need to provide additional user information when registering to Beacon than when I registered to the Learning Center?

A:  Beacon runs on the same authentication systems as the Learning Center and has the same requirements. If you are a Palo Alto Networks partner, please ensure you are first registered with the Partner Portal before signing up with Beacon.


Q:  My Beacon account is not working?

A:  Please contact

Q:  I have other questions, who do I contact?

A:  Please contact

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