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GlobalProtect - Windows 7 Issue

L2 Linker

The company I worked for observed an unusual error today with just Windows 7 users of GlobalProtect

Windows 10 & Macos users were unaffected.


We use okta verification to allow authentication btw



In a nutshell, did some testing in virtual machines running latest patched version of Windows 7 and Windows 10

All windows clients were able to connect, all windows 7 clients got...


An error occured in the secure channel.

error message


Both machines were running 64bit client



Windows 7 2018-09-13 16-01-38.pngWindows 10 2018-09-13 16-08-02.png

Have tried older clients on both os's and always the same... win10 connect, win7 does not



Who Me Too'd this topic