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Hi @MP18 ,


There is a useful command, "show management-clients".  

This command shows the status of all of running daemons that are used during the commit process.  


admin@PA-VM> show management-clients

              Client PRI    State Progress
              routed  30 P1-abort        0               
            ha_agent  25 P1-abort        0               
              device  20 P1-abort        0   *           
              ikemgr  10 P1-abort        0               
              keymgr  10     init        0    (op cmds only)
             logrcvr  10 P1-abort        0               
               dhcpd  10 P1-abort        0               
             varrcvr  10 P1-abort        0               
              sslvpn  10 P1-abort        0               
              rasmgr  10 P1-abort        0               
             useridd  10 P1-abort        0               
                satd  10 P1-abort        0               
             websrvr  10 P1-abort        0               
              sslmgr  10 P1-abort        0               
               authd  10 P1-abort        0               
              pppoed  10 P1-abort        0               
           dnsproxyd  10 P1-abort        0               
             cryptod  10 P1-abort        0               
              dagger  10     init        0    (op cmds only)
             l2ctrld  10 P1-abort        0               

Overall status: P1-abort. Progress: 0
device: vsys1
device:     Error: Fail to count address groups
device: (Module: device)

Notice the * at the end of the 'device' line, indicating there was an issue with the device server during our commit.  In some cases the problem can be resolved by restarting the daemon that experienced an issue.


Useful blog written a while ago:

Why-is-this-commit-not-working ?


Hope this helps !




LIVEcommunity team member, CISSP
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