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VM-Series in the Public Cloud
About VM-Series in the Public Cloud

Welcome to the VM-Series in the Public Cloud discussion forum! This community exists as a resource for you to discuss VM-Series deployments on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform Oracle Cloud and Alibaba. We encourage you to engage in this rapidly growing community to share ideas, pose questions, and propose real-world solutions to any challenges that may arise.

This forum is provided for Live Community members to discuss and share information pertaining to the VM-Series deployments on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform Oracle Cloud and Alibaba. Please use the information from this forum at your own risk and make sure to test and verify proposed solutions presented here. For information on contacting Palo Alto Networks support, click here.

Forum Posts

Resolved! AWS HA Setup

Tried to work through the horribly fragmented documentation, but I have a quick question on setting up HA in AWS: Is it still suggested to swap the mangement interface when deploying the HA model? From the HA documentation section, it sounds like eth...

Nicka by L1 Bithead
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Resolved! Azure No Arp

Hey All, I'm coming across a weird issue here. We have two subents in Azure. Let's call them Subnet1 and Subnet2 Subnet1 has a UDR to point traffic to the internal interface of the firewall. This works, we see the traffic come into the firewall. We d...

Resolved! VM-Series to TG for ECMP VPN on AWS

I'm looking at taking advantage of ECMP VPN to attach VM-SERIES to the Transit Gateway. I would like to use tunnel interfaces for this and would like egress/ingress traffic to go through the VM-SERIES appliances. Can somone that has implemented this ...

PAN-OS 9.0 Azure Deployment

Has anyone upgraded to PAN-OS 9.0 in their Azure environment? I have 2 sets of Azure firewalls sitting behind multiple load balancers. I saw where HA is now supported in Azure with Pan-OS 9. I am debating if I want to be an early adopter and migrate,...

Resolved! Setting up an IPSEC VPN Tunnel on AWS

Hi Palo Alto community, I've been trying to follow this guide to set up a static IPSEC tunnel on AWS between two VPCs but having a bit of trouble:https://knowledgebase.paloaltonetworks.com/servlet/fileField?entityId=ka10g000000D8OjAAK&field=Attachmen...

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Resolved! AWS Totally Noob Question - Routing

Hi All, I've just deployed my first VM series firewall in the AWS Public Cloud. I've made the security groups, attached ENIs to Network Interfaces, I can get to the GUI and I can see my traffic coming into my untrust interface just fine. On that untr...

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