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VM-Series in the Public Cloud
About VM-Series in the Public Cloud

Welcome to the VM-Series in the Public Cloud discussion forum! This community exists as a resource for you to discuss VM-Series deployments on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform Oracle Cloud and Alibaba. We encourage you to engage in this rapidly growing community to share ideas, pose questions, and propose real-world solutions to any challenges that may arise.

This forum is provided for Live Community members to discuss and share information pertaining to the VM-Series deployments on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform Oracle Cloud and Alibaba. Please use the information from this forum at your own risk and make sure to test and verify proposed solutions presented here. For information on contacting Palo Alto Networks support, click here.

Forum Posts

Resolved! AWS Transit VPC GitHub Solution Question

Does any one know for the following solution (https://github.com/PaloAltoNetworks/aws-transit-vpc) if you are have a shared services account where the Transit devices are going if the initialize Transit CFN and the Subscriber CFN both have to be run ...

Resolved! Troubleshooting classic ELB

I have a support call scheduled for tomorrow but if anyone has any ideas about this that would be greatly appreciated. I deployed the classic ELB template example successfully. My customer then took the firewall.template and integrated it into their ...

PerryK by L2 Linker
  • 5 replies

VM-300 in Azure sizing and resiliency

Hi All, im trying to spec up a resilient HA solution for the VM-300 series PAYG bundle 1 option within azure, and just need the following clarified:-- if i were to purchase the VM-300 option 1 bundle (https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/mark...

tchark by L1 Bithead
  • 5 replies

Resolved! vpc-classic-v1.2.1.template issues

So I deployed this template exactly as described on the site. I kept all the default pre-populated settings where possible and used my own S3 buckets. Tried it both with and without nat gateways. This is with 3 AZ in us-east-1. All the AWS artifacts ...

PerryK by L2 Linker
  • 3 replies

Resolved! AWS ELB one to one relationship with backend

According to the documentation, if you don't have an ELB sandwich then there is a one to one relationship between the firewall and the back end server. I spoke to support and the answer was the fact that you can only have one ENI attached per subnet....

Screenshot 2018-04-12 14.29.35.png
PerryK by L2 Linker
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Finding Serial # and CPU ID from AWS

So frustrating! I have been trying to register with Palo Alto so I can be authorized to use my VM I set up in AWS. No one I have asked seems to know where I can get the following information to use my VM and see the PA portal. If anyone can tell me e...


Panorama 8.1 in Azure

Has anyone had any luck deploying Panorama 8.1 beta in Azure ? I have tried a bunch of times getting it deployed in my environment and it seems to fail every time. I wonder if maybe this is partially due to the fact that I am deploying it in an envir...

Resolved! Ansible -Setup

Hello, I am struggling with the basic setup.I can use curl to verify I have a user and password that works, but curl can ignore the certificate.Is there a way for ansible-pan to ignore it as well? Thanks for your help!

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