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Resolved! ML gets stuck at "Pending"

I started by running the command

scp export log traffic start-time equal 2018/07/30@00:00:00 end-time equal 2018/07/30@23:45:00 to expedition@

on my PA220. 


root@Expedition:/PALogs# ls -l
total 64296
-rw-rw-r-- 1 expe


mbowling by L1 Bithead
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If You Need an OVA...

I created an OVA for my team and put it up here (Note, this isn't the official release now offered by PANW):



Be sure to go Settings > M. Learning > and change the Expedition ML Addr


trice by L1 Bithead
  • 44 replies

Resolved! How to Upload configuration files bigger than 2MB

Expedition uses APACHE as a web server and PHP as module for the scripts. By default PHP allow users to upload files with a maximum size of 2M, this can be updated by changing the PHP.ini


sudo vi /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini go to line where this ...

alestevez by L7 Applicator
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expedition not parsing the logs

Hello Team,

recently we upgrade all PA-OS to version 10.0.8-h4, then expedition is not parsing the log file, I can see the log file in PALogs, but not shown in expedition M.Learning tap. Also we update expedition to version 1.2.3

Any help??



Batch Host Object CIDR Change Capability

I have found a workaround for batch host object CIDR changes (from 0 to 32) and am reaching out to see if there is a feature planned in Expedition to accomplish this.


SITUATION:  After importing an ASA config, I noticed two things.  First, the newl


Unable to Save Additional Project Snapshots

I working through a migration project and attempted to save a snapshot, I received a message "Failed, Please delete some existing snapshots" I don't see anyway to delete snapshots. I have tried restarting expedition and am still receiving the error

2019-11-08 09_43_42-PDX-Win10-Prod-MCS - Desktop Viewer.png
tcasw86 by L3 Networker
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Resolved! panReadOrders crashes daily

Excerpt from panReadOrders.log below.   I can manually process csv log files for machine learning but the daily process doesn't work.


Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /var/www/html/console/messaging/classes/PaloAltoNetworks/Processes


Juniper SRX migration questions



I'm working on an SRX migration (first time) and in Expedition, all of the policies are locked (there are only Security policies in this situation).  I need to tag all of the rules with a specific tag as I'm combining three firewall clusters int


Resolved! Expedition 1.2.2

Hi Guys,

I need some help to find why in my project is 0 ipsec tunnels .

I am trying to migrate form fortigate to paloalto.

any suggestions is well appreciated,



Resolved! Migrating from Cisco ASA, strange DNAT rules

Hi all,

I'm trying to migrate configuration from Cisco ASA to Palo Alto NGFW using Expedition.

In the security policy I see a lot of strange rules with word "DNAT" prepended in a name and in a tag. These rules always placed immediately after some leg


2021-11-19 14_50_45-Window.png

Expedition Radius Authentication

I'm trying to get Expededition to authenticate my users via Radius but am receiving immediate invalid UN/PW. When I started digging through the apache error log file I noticed this line with every failed attempt. It looks like apache is logging at le


Resolved! Unable to import SRX config - too large



I'm trying to import an SRX XML file and I get this error:


Data could not be submitted correctly. Current maximum size is 8M Check potential causes: php.ini post_max_size and upload_max_filesize too small.


The file is 9.72 MB.  Where is the


PanOrders Agent cant started

Hello,  i installed Expedition on Ubunty Server 20.04.03

There is no way I can solve the problem with rabbitmq-server. I tried all the options and all the solutions that were offered here. 


Fatal error: Uncaught ErrorException: stream_socket_client


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