Nominated Discussion: How to Replace a FW in an A/P Cluster

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This Nominated Discussion Article is based on the post "Adding a firewall back into a AP cluster that has outdated network and device settings" by @AlanDeBoer   and responded to by @Raido_Rattameister. Read on to see the solution!


Hi All,


I'm curious if anyone can provide an article or just some basic steps of adding a firewall back into a AP cluster that has "outdated" network and device settings.


Firewall-02 was moved to a new location and has a new IP scheme for the network and device settings.

Firewall-01 will be physically moved and needs to rejoin the cluster, but it does have outdated IP settings.


I'm assuming the first step is to power up 01 without any copper/fiber connected and console into 01 and update the device management IP first.



Step 1 - Take config backup from both firewalls (Device > Setup > Operations).

Step 2 - Make sure that "Device Priority" of Firewall-02 is lower than Firewall-01 to make sure Firewall-02 stays active firewall.

Step 3 - Cabling (at minimum HA1 cable).

Step 4 - Click "Sync to peer" in Firewall-02 (Dashboard > High Availability widget).


If you click "Sync to peer" on Firewall-01 you will push old nic scheme from Firewall-01 to Firewall-02 and your network will go down!


In addition, mgmt IP change as you pointed out.

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