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Welcome to Palo Alto Networks LIVEcommunity! 


Let’s take a quick tour of the LIVEcommunity so you can get started right away. 

If you're familiar with our community, you'll notice that we've made a lot of improvements, so please hang out with us for a few minutes to see what we have now.



There is so much going on in LIVEcommunity, so how do you get started in finding the information you need? You navigate!


NOTE: You can pretty much see everything even when you're not logged in, with the exception of some customer or partner specific areas. However, you won't be able to reply or comment on any of the discussions/articles/blogs. So make sure to REGISTER or SIGN IN if you want to join in on the action !


Hover over one of the top navigation options and dive into LIVEcommunity.


kiwi_3-1674571229948.pngLIVEcommunity top menu


For every navigation drop down, you can browse all the menu’s options, click and go. 


Get Started guides you to important community information like how to get started and how to get support.


In News & Events you can learn about our yearly customer event Ignite, our social feeds and general news.


Do you want to check out the latest discussions about Palo Alto Networks?  Or do you have a question to ask the community?  Go to Discussions.  Remember - If you are not a member yet, you have to register or sign in to ask a question or comment on ongoing discussions.  Let’s check out on one of the discussions below:


  1. If English is not an easy language for you, we have implemented dynamic translation on the site. Select the language of your choice to read and type your answer in that language.
  2. Do you have the same question? Click on Me too so we know this is a question or discussion of interest to a significant amount of users.
  3. Like the discussion topic?  Click the Like button.
  4. And if you have a comment or a response to the question, go ahead and hit Reply.
  5. Do you want to be kept updated on the status of discussion?  Go to topic options: Subscribe to the discussion to get email notifications when a reply is posted, or bookmark if you just want to save it for easy access at a later time.




Are you looking for access to the Expedition (Migration Tool) or do you want to test your configuration against best practices ? Then head on over to the Tools section !  We expand our tools section constantly and each tool is designed to make your life much easier !


Do you want to expand your Palo Alto Networks knowledge ? Check out the Education Services where you'll find information on the different types of certifications that are possible.  You can browse through our instructor-led classes or go for the self paced digital learning options !


Search is another great way to get started.  Go to the LIVEcommunity's main page and start typing your search query. 




Search results will appear as you type ! Select from one of the suggestions if it seems right or hit enter to access all the results on the search page. From there you can refine your search with different filters.





As mentioned earlier, you can bookmark or subscribe to any area.  You can do the same for an article.


When you open an article you can see who authored it and when it was published, as well as when and who edited the article last, so you can check the time validity of the article. 


Read through it. 

  • On your right, you will see who contributed to the articles as well as recommendations for similar articles. 
  • Like it?  Go ahead and click on the thumbs up. 
  • Was it helpful for you? Just click yes to let others know. 
  • And if you have anything to add to the article, provide written feedback or make an addition or a suggestion, post a comment. 


And last but not least, bookmark it for easy access. 


When you Subscribe to an area you will receive notifications whenever something new is posted to that area.


You can manage your subscriptions and bookmarks, as well as set up your email notifications in your profile subscription settings as displayed below:






If there is one community area you should subscribe too, it is the Blog area.  New blogs are posted weekly.  Get the latest and greatest news in one shot, discussions get highlighted, containing Tips and Tricks and accepted solutions for your Palo Alto Networks products.


Time to go and explore the community!


Not finding what you're looking for ? In the Get Started > LIVEcommunity Support Info area, you will see Get Community Help on the left. On the right side you will see ways that you can contact customer support either by submitting a web case, or by giving customer support a call.


Please enjoy the site!


Stay Secure !




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