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The installation process is not covered in the user guide and I wanted to provide some clarification.

The VM player requirement is a little confusing. While the user's guide is being updated, this blog can provide some insight into the install process.

The Migration Tool is distributed as a VMWare Virtual Machine.

Inside the tgz file you downloaded there is a VMWare VM you can run using VMWare Player. This is available at, VMWare Workstation, VMWare Fusion or on any VMWare product that can run on your desktop.

Once you have unpacked the tgz file you can just import the VM into the VMWare product and launch it.

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It would be really nice if exact version of VMWare products would be announced, because I have VM Workstation 9 and it's not compatible.

For those with the same version of Workstation, you can run it on the latest player, but in that case you'll have to upgrade to latest Workstation or remove the current one(that I have licensed).

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I am using vmware player 7.1.2 build-2780323 which is free for non commercial use on the vmware website.

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I am using 6.0.4 and MT3 is fully operational. Try to get that version and try.

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I only managed to download version 3.0 but it cannot be upgraded anymore.

It doesn't even have the import bundle button.


Where can a more recent version be downloaded that is not stuck to that version ?





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Thank you alestevez but it tells me "You do not have access to this resource".

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