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SaaS Security is a first-of-its-kind integrated CASB that prevents cloud threats in real time.
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SaaS Security

SaaS Security is the first integrated CASB that automatically keeps pace with the SaaS explosion—giving you full visibility and control of new applications. It provides enterprise data protection and compliance across all SaaS applications and prevents cloud threats in real time. The solution is simple to deploy and offers the lowest TCO compared to legacy products.


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Integrated CASB Makes Deployment Easy and Security Consistent

On May 19th, Palo Alto Networks announced a new cloud security offering, SaaS Security, the only integrated cloud access security broker (CASB) that k...

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Palo Alto SaaS Security and Its Benefits as a Next-Gen CASB Service

05-10-2022 — Palo Alto SaaS Security can help many cyber security engineers and architects to deal with the issues like latency or bad cloud app performance that the old CASB solutions cause.

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Updated Certifications for PAN-OS 10.1

08-25-2021 — New PAN-OS 10.1 PCNSA and PCNSE certifications have gone through extensive changes to incorporate the latest innovations in our Next-Generation Firewall. Updated certifications for PAN-OS 10.1

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New Cloud Identity Engine and SaaS Security Pages on LIVE

06-10-2021 — LIVEcommunity is excited to share two new pages with you—Cloud Identity Engine and SaaS Security.

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Palo Alto Networks SaaS Security with Integrated CASB

06-02-2021 — Find out how Palo Alto Networks SaaS Security with integrated CASB can improve your company's security.

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SaaS Security Solution Brief

06-02-2021 — As key elements of the Palo Alto Networks secure access service edge (SASE) solution, SaaS Security and Enterprise DLP play a key role in enabling organizations to consistently protect their data, ...

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Introducing DLP Service

10-06-2020 — Introducing DLP Service to Prisma SaaS. Data Profiles, boolean logic, and more.

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