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Welcome to the Threat and Vulnerability discussion forum. This forum exists as a resource for security professionals to discuss and share information pertaining to the topics of threats and vulnerabilities.
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Resolved! Getting SMB brute force logs

hey, guys hope you are doing well One of my customer getting the logs of SMB: User Password Brute Force Attempt for a particular user as the user is connected to Global VPN to LAN the port 445 getting reset both traffic logs in threat logs all things...

Zone protection flood thresholds

I get ICMP and UDP flood alert messages from my external zone protection profile all the time. It does not seem to impact production - but not totally sure on that though.We just have 1 - 5220, no Panarama. Anyone have any advise as to how best to co...

Resolved! DNS Security

Hello,Is there any way to turn off the following information after commit on 9.0.1 with Anti-Spyware Profile attached to Security Policy?I can't delete Palo Alto Networks DNS Security option from Anti-Spyware Profile. WarningsWarning: No Valid DNS Se...

lcelinski by L1 Bithead
  • 11 replies

Vulnerability CVE 2021-3050

Hey, guys, one of my clients want the POA (Plan of Action) for this vulnerability what should I check in the firewall. I checked the Traffic WAN TO WAN the security Profiles are attached properly but the management IP is pvt i access the firewall by ...

Container scanning(Basic question)

Hi, Ours is a digital bank. We are in the process of picking a tool to scan the docker images in the AWS code pipeline. While we were scanning using the default ECR scan process we noticed CVE-2021-33574, CVE-2019-25013, CVE-2021-3520. These are rela...

spatial by L0 Member
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Colours Whatsapp Spyware

Hi I am seeing these alerts GENERIC:COLORS.WHATSAP.TOP(345898629) on a regular basis recently, they start at random times and they persist for around an hour then drop. Has anybody else seen this ? we have checked the host that is generating the aler...

case ID-01857601

Hi, After executing below cmd we are not able access SSH > configure# delete deviceconfig system ssh# set deviceconfig system ssh ciphers mgmt aes256-ctr# set deviceconfig system ssh ciphers mgmt aes256-gcm# set deviceconfig system ssh default-hostke...

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