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Welcome to the VM-Series in the Public Cloud discussion forum! This community exists as a resource for you to discuss VM-Series deployments on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform Oracle Cloud and Alibaba. We encourage you to engage in this rapidly growing community to share ideas, pose questions, and propose real-world solutions to any challenges that may arise.

This forum is provided for Live Community members to discuss and share information pertaining to the VM-Series deployments on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform Oracle Cloud and Alibaba. Please use the information from this forum at your own risk and make sure to test and verify proposed solutions presented here. For information on contacting Palo Alto Networks support, click here.

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  • Azure VM Backup

    Hello,we are trying to take an Azure back up of the Palo Alto VM but our CSP is reporting an issue with the ba...

    06-03-2020 Posted by RyanJohnstone
    0 Replies
  • HA on AWS

    Hi,I would like to ask about PA FW HA on AWS.I am confused AWS said if we use loadbalancer or ELB ,we can not ...

    04-28-2020 Posted by crypto
    1 Replies
  • AWS Transit Gateway

    Hello,Is there planned AWS Transit Gateway integration? There is mention but no detail in thisvideo:https://ww...

    01-04-2019 Posted by fwmike
    9 Replies
  • Azure No Arp

    Hey All,I'm coming across a weird issue here.We have two subents in Azure. Let's call them Subnet1 and Subnet2...

    04-29-2019 Posted by LukeBullimore
    9 Replies
  • PA-VM GNS3 routing

    Hello,I've configured up two interfaces on my PA-VM (management with VMnet0 - and data ...

    03-07-2020 Posted by Werpet
    0 Replies
  • VM interfaces vmxnet3

    Hello,I'm using PA-VM with PAN-OS 9.0.4 on GNS3 2.2.5. I've configured four VMnets (0 - management, 1 - LAN_IT...

    03-06-2020 Posted by Werpet
    1 Replies
  • Private, Public, Hybrid?

    Has your company gone fully cloud native? Are you just starting out? Somewhere in between? We're interested to...

    03-03-2020 Posted by dmackenzie
    0 Replies
  • More info on HA in Azure?

    The documentation seems a bit light on detail. I have created a Service Principle in Azure and entered the dat...

    02-26-2020 Posted by JimMcGrady
    1 Replies
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