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Welcome to the VM-Series in the Public Cloud discussion forum! This community exists as a resource for you to discuss VM-Series deployments on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud and Alibaba. We encourage you to engage in this rapidly growing community to share ideas, pose questions, and propose real-world solutions to any challenges that may arise.

This forum is provided for Live Community members to discuss and share information pertaining to the VM-Series deployments on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform Oracle Cloud and Alibaba. Please use the information from this forum at your own risk and make sure to test and verify proposed solutions presented here. For information on contacting Palo Alto Networks support, click here.


Resolved! HA Missing Operational Commands Tab



I have setup 2 VM series FW in Azure in HA, however in the HA section there's no Operational Commands tab to go in and issue a suspend so it can failover to the secondary FW.


I know in CLI you can put in a command to do this, but I'm interested t


Dynam0 by L1 Bithead
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EVE-NG PA booting issue

Hi all,


I have a eve-ng laptop that i'm planning to use for practice. I have installed the KVM file and activated it as well as added it to the eve-ng lab. However, when i start the device. I get the error message "No bootable Device". This device is


Jumbo Frames


I need small information on Jumbo Frames. If I disable the Jumbo Frames in PA-VM (VM-300) in device --- Setup --- session, will it be there any traffic impact or will firewall reboot.?

please suggest me on this,.

Thank you,


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goutham by L0 Member
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Packets being denied intermittently.

My company has had an issue for over a year and Palo Alto cant figure it out.  We're using Azure's Palo Alto offering.


* We have a security rule that is sourced from our trusted paas  and destined  to Azures Paas storage.  Port 1433 app id: mssql db



Hello community 

I'm running an v9.1.x Active\Passive cluster on Azure and we had several problems with the "quick" failover.

Because I need the firewall(s) to perform DNS resolution on internal fqdn objects I had them configured with private DNS serv


Azure HA Failover not working



We have a pair of VM300 PAs in Azure set up in Active-Passive.  They are running 9.0.7 code with VM Series plug in 1.0.8. 


There was an issue in Azure on 19/10/20 which caused a failover and recovery (we use pre-emption).  Post this issue the


AWS interface limits

Is the AWS VM limited to only 3 interfaces or can we add 3 more?  I was reading there may be limitations associated with machine type but wanted to be sure before we went down the path of changing that.

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