AIOps New Feature: BPA Plugin for Panorama

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AIOps is a platform that leverages machine learning (ML) and analytics to automate IT operations. AIOps was first introduced with Nebula (PAN-OS 10.2); since then, Palo Alto Networks' AIOps team has been working hard to reduce complexity and human error. Check out the latest feature update that will help improve your security posture instantly!


AIOps Plugin for Panorama


The AIOps 1.0.0 plugin for Panorama provides a proactive Best Practice Analysis (BPA). Every time a local commit is triggered, Panorama will reach out to the new BPA cloud service and run a security check against the changes that are committed.



The results of the BPA against the committed changes will be displayed in a pop-up window similar to the results of local validation/commit. In an instant you can learn what needs to be improved with every configuration change. 


This is only the beginning of empowering network security operations teams to become proactive with ML-powered solutions. Keep an eye out for AIOps and how the suite can help you. 



AIOps Plugin for Panorama Requirements


  • Panorama platform
  • PAN-OS 10.2.1 or newer
  • AIOps plugin is installed
  • Panorama needs to have the Premium license of AIOps associated with a customer account/AIOps instance
  • Premium AIOps instance
  • Device Certificate is installed on Panorama (install the Panorama Device Certificate)
  • Existing Device Telemetry feature is enabled (Enable Device Telemetry)





You can also check out the AIOps and BPA resource pages on LIVEcommunity. 


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