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I'm sorry you can't find what you're looking for.  Need a problem solved but not sure how to proceed, like Brainy down here?



I frequently misplace stuff, and sometimes even lose things. I don't know why exactly, seeing that I'm a bit scatter-brained and disorganized myself but, for some reason, I'm pretty good at finding stuff that isn't mine.



This has been very useful in my work, as I was often called by customers to help find them information they were looking for.


I'd like to assist you with some useful search results that might return interesting information. Results you haven't found with your own search queries.


Sometimes people just try too hard  

Don't expect to find a targeted result when searching for "edlfetch refresh fqdn antivirus commit download content system logs data logs config logs".  I kid you not... the above was an actual query and it didn't return any result. Surprising? Not really...





Did you give up too quickly trying to find what you were looking for?

Sometimes, you might want to think about how a feature is called or referenced in a document. For example, "qos" will return different suggestions as "Quality of Service" even though it's essentially the same thing:


qos vs quality of serviceqos vs quality of service



How about that timing?

If you know that a new PAN-OS version is just around the corner, then you might want to wait a little until the information is actually released.  


Are you looking in the right area?

The admin guide is great but it's not intended to help you debug stuff.

Did you know that you can narrow down the scope of your search results as displayed by the picture below ?


Narrow the scope of search resultsNarrow the scope of search results


Did you know we have a bunch of resource lists available on the most popular features?

 These lists contain BASIC, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED articles on the related topic.  A good place to start is to bookmark these lists (at least from the features you are using on your devices), as they will assist you in finding the information you need so desperately:


resource list exampleresource list example

There ... Now you know all about resource lists! Too advanced still? No problem, we also have "Getting Started" guides on many of our features. These guides will get you going in a jiffy!


Getting Started seriesGetting Started series

I strongly recommend that you bookmark these pages.


Still can't find the information you need in any of these pages? In that case, you are very welcome to post your question on our discussions forum. It's very likely that someone, somewhere experienced the same thing and can provide you with additional information or tips in order for you to move forward.


Members Discussions Forum


Alternatively you can always reach out to support.


Contact Support


I hope this information will help you find the information you are looking for more easily!

Kiwi out!

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