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Earn Beacon Gold While Becoming a Ninja at Using Our Products


The Beacon Shop – Exchange your gold for real-world rewards!The Beacon Shop – Exchange your gold for real-world rewards!


The Palo Alto Networks Beacon digital learning platform already makes it easy for you to expand your cybersecurity skills and become an expert on using our products and services – and now it’s more rewarding than ever.


We launched Beacon in August as a simple, effective, no-cost way for customers to learn how to implement the products, licenses and subscriptions they already have.

For each quiz and activity completed, users can now earn Beacon “Gold,” which can be exchanged at our digital store for exciting virtual rewards and practical, real-world goods including backpacks, jackets and other prizes. (Some exclusions apply, and not all Beacon members can win prizes.)

You start by selecting a desired outcome or feature, then Beacon presents a menu of step-by-step educational guides to help you achieve various goals. Enhancements added Jan. 31st mean you do not have to hunt for existing resources or decide the best order to consume them.

Beacon All Topics.pngBeacon View of All Topics Beacon Enterprise.pngBeacon View of Enterprise Options
Beacon App-ID.pngBeacon Results for App-ID Beacon What is App-ID.pngBeacon Article Review - What is App-ID?


Beacon runs off an inventory of technical assets available via resources, including Knowledge Base, LIVEcommunity, and TechDocs. While those resources can be accessed as standalone options, Beacon has bundled them into ready-to-use educational roadmaps. Beacon also offers tips and tricks from our product gurus.


New on Beacon – Test Your Skills and Earn Rewards

The new quizzes were designed to let users test mastery of the selected content in Beacon learning paths. Complete assessments within each learning path and see if you learned the key points our subject matter experts want you to take away from each section – then decide how you’d like to spend your Beacon Gold!


Beacon is accessible to all global Palo Alto Networks customers and partners with a valid Palo Alto Networks SSO login.


Start learning with Beacon today.

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