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Beacon is the center of knowledge and resources for Palo Alto Networks Education Services. We are excited to announce that our current Learning Center has migrated onto Beacon. With the comprehensive inventory of educational resources available in Beacon, learning about cybersecurity and navigating the technologies offered by Palo Alto Networks has never been easier. With the learning center fully migrated and ready to use, Beacon is the one stop shop for learners to access content such as Digital Learning, Instructor-Led Training, and Certifications, alongside resources from technical assets.


With ease of accessibility, anyone is able to register for Beacon with SSO through Palo Alto Networks credentials. Beacon was initiated as a direct result of continuous customer feedback. You asked and we delivered: a one-stop place for all things Palo Alto Networks! Users are able to easily utilize our inventory of technical assets and have access to a substantial amount of resources in a centralized location. Our inventory includes technical assets developed by the Global Enablement team as well as resources such as TechDocs, LIVEcommunity, and FUEL User Group.


Beacon is proud to host an array of Digital Learning, Instructor-Led Training, and Certifications as it enables users on their learning journey. Digital Learning consists of a variety of courses on each of our technologies, as well as fundamental courses that set the foundation for learning about cybersecurity as a whole. With bite-sized training and test-out capabilities, Digital Learning allows users to go through these courses on their own speed. Instructor-Led Training provides expert training courses and hands-on labs with classroom and virtual delivery formats. Learners can browse through a catalog of courses and register for classes through our Authorized Training Partners. Our Certification program delivers role based certifications for cutting-edge cybersecurity technology as well as assets for preparations. Learners may utilize resources such as Study Guides, Exam Blueprints, and practice exams to successfully attempt certification. Alternatively, learners can select the Self-Service Roadmaps topic to better understand different Palo Alto Networks capabilities and functions.


The need for cybersecurity trained and certified professionals is rapidly increasing. Beacon allows learners to update their skills and keep up with the dynamic changes in cybersecurity technology through an easy-to-use, self-service learning platform. With the goal of making cybersecurity education more accessible for novice learners and experienced learners alike, Palo Alto Networks Education Services hopes to be a consistent and reliable source for all cybersecurity education.

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