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Our certification portfolio is growing! The Palo Alto Networks certification portfolio currently includes Assessment-Based Certificates (ABCs) and Certifications. We are responding to a clear need in the market for more credentialing options. Micro Credentials represent the middle ground between assessment-based certificates and certifications, maintaining a smaller size but built with the same integrity as our certification portfolio. Please see the table below for comparisons.


Palo Alto Networks Credentialing offerings



Micro Credential


Intended for

Study of a topic

Upskilling/reskilling in a focused area  

Comprehensive upskilling/reskilling  



1-2 areas of expertise

Broad coverage



Knowledge & skills

Knowledge & skills

Fully online

In-person testing available


24-7 globally

24-7 globally

Scheduled testing

Timed test


2 year validity


Platform for test

Beacon/Level Up

Beacon/Level Up

Pearson Vue





Unique digital badge



The Palo Alto Networks Education Services team is excited to announce the newest additions to our credentialing portfolio: Micro Credentials! We will now be offering seven Micro Credentials focused on testing for a variety of learning objectives and skill sets. The Micro Credentials will launch in November and serve specialized areas of learning regarding the latest Palo Alto Networks Prisma and Cortex speedboats.


With their shortened length and specialized topics of study, our Micro Credentials are designed to offer quick and efficient learning paths. Individuals may use chunk learning, topic-based studying, as a methodical approach to earn these Micro Credentials. Our Micro Credential exams have an average of 30 questions and are delivered through the Learning Management Systems, Beacon and LevelUp, 24 hours a day. They can be accessed on a personal computer or mobile device.


These Micro Credentials are open to employees, customers, and partners. Once each Micro Credentials is successfully obtained, individuals earn Digital Badges that can be showcased on resumes or sites like LinkedIn, to demonstrate value in the market.









Palo Alto Networks Micro Credential Cortex XDR Consultant

Certified Professional Services Partners




Palo Alto Networks Micro Credential XSOAR Consultant

Certified Professional Services Partners




Palo Alto Networks Micro Credential Remote-Security Consultant

Certified Professional Services Partners




Palo Alto Networks Micro Credential Prisma Cloud Consultant 

Certified Professional Services Partners




Palo Alto Networks Micro Credential Cortex XDR Support-Engineer

Authorized Support Center




Palo Alto Networks Micro Credential Remote-Security Support-Engineer

Authorized Support Center




Palo Alto Networks Micro Credential Cyber Security Analyst

PS and Support Team Members


The constant evolution of technology requires cybersecurity professionals to stay agile and updated in all security advancements, which takes time and dedication. Our Micro Credentials allow individuals to adapt to the changes in technology quickly and accurately. The specialized learning paths, shortened content length, flexible testing administration, and overall ease of accessibility all come together to ensure that individuals can demonstrate updated knowledge.

For more information about Micro Credentials, please refer to Beacon.

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L0 Member

Tried PMXdS and have to say the exam is bad quality. Some questions are out of date, gramatically errors or plainly wrong. Several questions adressing topics which are not handled or there is no technical info available at Beacon nor Live Community. For example "command herarchy of cytool for checking compatibility issues" or "Troubleshooting login delay of VDI-Session".

L1 Bithead

It's the same with the PMRuA --- several of the questions lack context, so it's hard to know what the answer should be (e.g. "How are users monitored?")


Hard to differentiate when a questions is about Panorama managed or Cloud managed Prisma. At least 2-3 questions are just wrong, either the way the question is asked or the answers provided. Some questions can only be answered if you've used the prodiuct --- there is no detail or information in any of the required Beacon training material.

I regret to add my discontent to the list... I'm after the PMXdC but the course content seems sometimes rushed and some of the exam questions are referring to content not discussed, when are not they totally wrong, either.

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