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This Nominated Discussion Article is based on the post "ECMP Virtual Router Inquiry" by @Marlo_Perez  and answered by @JayGolf . Read on to find out what you can expect when restarting the Virtual Router!


Good day, I have an inquiry regarding virtual router. We are transferring our ISP from vsys2 to vsys1. So, we encountered a message while in the ECMP configuration that requires for the Virtual Router to be restarted. So, here's my questions, what services might be affected once we restart the VR and for how long does the restart will take? 


Appreciate the help.





The restart can cause existing sessions to be terminated momentarily until the virtual router is done initializing its interfaces, static routes, and dynamic routing (if you have that setup). You can expect a downtime of a couple to a few minutes. If you're planning on restarting the VR, I would suggest doing so during a maintenance period during after-hours where you have the least amount of critical traffic passing through. 


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