Nominated Discussion: How to Add Risk Based Apps to a Custom Group

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This Nominated Discussion Article is based on the post "How to import app risk to a custom group" by @Shadow who actually found the solution himself and got some extra advice from @BPry. Read on to see the discussion and solution!


I am in search of a way to add risk base apps into one group. but to do this in a bulk. last year I found a video on youtube on how to do it, didn't bookmark so here I am

The idea is to select Risk 3 to 5 and add all of them to a custom group, there are over 1172 apps and would like to know a way of doing this.

- the above link provides only a solution to the individual apps.


any ideas?

thank a lot


I think I found the solution. Under Objects > Application Filters I can set my filter (1), name it (2) and click OK (3).


Objects > Application FiltersObjects > Application Filters



Then I can select it under Objects > Application Groups:

Objects > Application GroupsObjects > Application Groups



Correct. If you just want to capture everything risk 3 and higher, application filters would be the way to actually accomplish this. Just keep in mind what you're actually capturing making such a broad application filter and where you intend to use this new group.


There's a whole lot of applications with a risk of 3+ that you might not think about (essentially anything that deals with file transfers, video conferencing applications, SMTP, ssl and web-browsing themselves) that would be captured in this filter. 


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